Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I learn something new everyday.....

I overheard my daughter and her husband discussing "pos systems" the other day. I listened waiting for a clue as to what it was, but a clue never came along. So, once there was a lull in the discussion, I asked, "What is a pos system?"

I have to tell you that my daughter is very business savvy. I truly admire her ability to think out of the box. She can see the big picture with ease and that ability has paid off for her over the years.

I digress! POS systems are "Point of sale" systems. If you go to a department store and make a purchase, the cashier who rings it up is using that store's POS system. The cash register is tied into their computer system. It takes the product out of their inventory as it is sold to you. Besides retail stores, restaurants us these systems, as do salons. I would bet there are systems for every kind of business that there is.

Now, don't you feel smart? You learned something new today too. Have a good day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The "nether world" of factories

As a woman I find factories, their equipment, what they do and how they work boggles my mind. My husband was talking to a neighbor about their days of working in factories. The early days when they weren't in management. It was as if they were talking a foreign language!! Break presses, industrial hand wheels, motion and time study! I didn't bother to even ask any questions. I just listened and nodded my head as if I knew just what they were talking about.

We ladies got back at them, though, when we started to discuss our sewing projects and the different ways to put a zipper in. You'd have enjoyed the quizzical looks on their faces when we talked about presser feet. Talk about foreign languages. I guess we're all in the same boat when we're listening to discussions on things we know nothing about.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Gambling Vacation

Have you ever thought of going on a "gambling vacation"? What is that, you ask! It's the perfect kind of vacation for those of us who like to gamble. What you do is pick gambling casinos in different places and go from one to the other enjoying the shows and the gambling.

I think for the novice the best way to plan a trip like this would be to get online and do a search. Start by a casino nearby, such as Las Vegas. Find different casinos in different states, go from one to the other and gamble your heart out.

I would book our Vegas hotels especially because that's such a busy place. Some other spots are so crowded.

It sounds like fun to me. What do you think?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

One of my favorite comedians...

Howie Mandel is one of my favorites as far as comedians go. His sense of humor matches mine. We find the same things funny.

He's been doing adds for www.buy.com on TV and on www.youtube.com. The latest one he did on www.youtube is especially good. With many commercials I get caught up in who is talking or what they're doing rather than getting the message they are trying to get across. In Howie Mandel's commercial for buy.com, however, it's simple, to the point and you get the message, and the message is, if you're looking for a laptop on sale go to www.buy.com. Compare prices, check around and you'll see that their prices are the best around. They also offer free shipping. You can't beat that offer!

When space is an issue

My husband is helping some friends of ours build an exercise room in their house. They have added the room onto their home and it's almost done. What a great idea!!

They are going to have a treadmill, stationary bike, bench press as well as just about anything you could think of to aid them in the sculpting of a healthy, well formed body.

Not wanting to waste any of their space with a tv stand, they have chosen to buy a mount for the wall. That way they can save all of their floor space for exercise equipment.

They have invited us to use all of the equipment whenever we want. I may get on the treadmill once in a while, but I certainly don't plan to be doing any weight lifting anytime soon.

I really like the way the room is turning out, though, and that wall mounted TV is a great addition to it.

Wonderful peace

It's Springtime again and Sunday is Easter. That means that summer, the beach and swim suits are right around the corner as well.

With that thought my next one most of the time automatically would turn to dieting and appetite suppressants. However, as a senior citizen how I look in a swim suit or other things isn't an issue and is the least of my worries.

That isn't to say that I no longer care how I look, but what it does say is that being healthy and feeling my best is my focus rather than appearances. With that comes a freedom that I praise God for. It's a freedom to just be myself and to live peacefully in my skin.

I wish this same peace and freedom to each of you this Easter season.

Happy Easter and thank you for reading my blog.

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