Thursday, January 29, 2009

Earning extra money during hard times

Daily we hear of more businesses going under, job layoffs, people losing all they have worked so hard to achieve. It's a very stressful time. No matter what your income bracket, we all live on what we make. Hopefully, we all live within our means as well. There has never been a better time for us to learn that huge lesson.

My mind has been working overtime this last while trying to come up with ideas to share with you all hoping that I can help someone else as I help myself. Some of the ideas that have come to my mind are to use my craft skills to generate money. I can sew, I crochet and knit. The other crafting genres are open to me as well. Once a crafter, it's only a matter of getting a book and learning a new craft. Whatever you can do, be it plastic canvas work, needlepoint, ceramics, wood work, all of those things can be put into play as a means to earn extra cash. I plan to make some things to put in local antique stores to sell.

For those of you who are "craftily challenged" there are other things that come to mind. Can you baby sit? Sit for the elderly? House sit? Pet sit or pet walk? What are your talents and how can you put them to work for you? I have a friend who is so very good at doing scrap booking. She could make more general scrapbook collages and sell them. She could hire herself out to organize people's pictures and perhaps scrapbook for others who don't have that talent. I'd be her first customer and would try to work out a barter exchange. She could get to work on my pictures and I could sew something for her. =)

Anyway, I hope that this posting has stimulated you to think of creative ways you too can earn some extra cash. If you're at your computer you can type. Could you do that for someone?

Let me know some of the creative ways you have come up with to use your talents to help earn money for your family. We're all in this together!

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Years Resolutions. How are you doing?

My niece and I made the same new years resolution, and that was to get fit and get healthy. So far we both have been able to keep at it, are feeling so much better, and we both are losing weight.

Because I'm older, I feel that it's safest to just eat my regular meals and get some exercise. My niece, however, being younger and without any health problems, felt that she wanted to take a more aggressive approach and is using a weight loss product. She checked with her doctor to make sure that it was safe and was given the go ahead.

You know, we have to be our own doctor for the most part. Who knows our body better then we ourselves. If we're eating right and feeling better then we know we're doing the right things.

Relocating? Save money!!

We have new neighbors across the street. We were gone when they were moving in, so I went over to welcome them as soon as we returned home.

They are such nice people, and I was amazed to hear how they saved a ton of money by using the services of She said that they packed the "ReloCubes" and truck rental themselves, and then the company's professional drivers did the rest. Their belongings arrived safe and sound at their new home.

A lot of us are scaling down to save money, or moving to find a new job. We need to save as much as we can. This is one way we can do it without the risk of damaging all that we have worked so hard to acquire.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A buzzworthy weight loss support site

When I find a site that is really unique or of unusual value I like to share it with you all. Weight Commander is just such a site.

Although the site is fairly new, the Weight Commander computer program isn't. I downloaded my copy several years ago and have found it to be an awesome tool. It keeps me on track.

When Michael Marder started his online version of his Weight Commander weight loss support program, I found it to have all of the features that I enjoy with my personal copy, but the added bonus of message boards. The message boards give me a whole community of others who are striving to be healthier and are there to support and advise me on my journey. That support system is invaluable and can be the difference between success and failure.
Weight Commander is free to try and after the trial period only costs a one time fee of $9.95. Where else can you find a great program that doesn't charge an ongoing weekly or monthly fee?

A great bargain, a great program, and the support we all need as we journey to be as healthy as we deserve to be and to feel the best we can in the new year.

Check out I truly expect you to be sharing this site with the people you care about too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Have you made a resolution for this new year? I have. I resolve to get healthy and plan on getting more exercise and making sure I give my body all it needs in the way of nutrition.

I'm a huge believer in vitamins etc so I am always on the outlook for discount supplements. When I find a good site I try to pass it along as well. is such a site. They offer supplements that will give the added nutritional support that you need. Each body is different, each person's goals are different.

I think you'll enjoy this site. Do check it out if you're looking for any kind of nutritional supplements.

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