Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fixtures that add style

Creating a style in a room is done through the details that you chose. A bathroom is one room in which you can make a huge statement by the style of bathroom faucets that you chose. At www.faucet.com you can select all of your fixtures and have them match the decor of your home.

I'm very partial to Victorian style decor, and have found the most unique faucets at this site that I have yet to see anywhere. If you're having trouble finding bathroom faucets that makes a statement, this is the site for you. You'll find variety and prices that aren't over the top.

A truly buzzworthy site!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Growing up way too fast

We have nine wonderful, amazingly outstanding and talented grandchildren. They are incredible. Have you heard enough? =) They are, however, growing up way too fast for me. I often wish I could just stop time and keep them young.

It seems that all of them are sharing the woes of those preteen and teen years and the skin problems that come with that. I tell them that I fully understand what it's like to suffer with acne. Luckily, they have so much more available to them in the way of treatments. Every one's skin is different so I urge them to try different products until they find the one that works best for them.

When we talk about this and other issues, I just hug them tightly and reassure them that this too will pass.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A mother's heart broken......

Many years ago, after trying for a long time to have a family, out friends told us that they were expecting their first child. We all were so thrilled. It wasn't long after the birth of their son that we were told that their precious angel had cerebral palsy. It broke our hearts and the hearts of all of the rest of the friends of this dear couple.

Since that experience I have heard it said that often times this terrible disability is caused by medical mistake during delivery. In that case, I think that getting guidance from cerebral palsy lawyers who are specialists in these cases are what should be done. If for no other reason, to investigate and determine if indeed there was error on the part of the hospital or staff. It just makes sense to not let it go investigated. Don't you agree?

A buzzworthy site for your home media center

When I find a site that I think is exceptional, I try to review it here on my blog. Well, I've found just a site and you will certainly want to check it out if you need anything for your media center. The site is www.theaterseatstore.com. Not only do they sell
a great variety of home theater seating, but you also need to check out their accessories section.

This site has anything that you would possibly need to make your media room into a theater. They have popcorn machines, theater ropes, posters and frames for your walls, and other decorator items.

I love to decorate and could get all that I would want for our media room right there at theaterseatstore.com. Truly a buzzworthy site!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another great review site

I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into reviewing products. We all need all of the information we can get. Our computers are the best research resource there is.

As a great example of a super review site, check out Sybervision Reviews on best diet pill/. They offer info on not only diet pills, but a host of other product categories such as colon cleansers and sleep aids.

I'm always happy to promote a great site that is definitely one that we all should bookmark for future reference. Sybervision Reviews! Truly a buzzworthy site.

A super buzzworthy idea!!

We have grand kids off to college this year, and my very smart daughters ordered their
textbooks online. What a great "buzzworthy idea!! Not only does Buy.com have the best sellers in all categories available, children's books etc, they have textbooks as well.

Back to the textbooks, though. Isn't that a great way to save money and hassle? I remember what a mad rush it was to get textbooks when I was in college and how there were often times when I would have to wait for my text. That was frustrating and stressful. Where was Buy.com when I needed it? =)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sarah Palin

This lady has my attention!! I must admit that at first I wondered what McCain and his camp were thinking by choosing her to run on his ticket. In my opinion she doesn't have a lot to bring to the table. "What are they thinking", I asked myself.

I am still not altogether sure what she brings to the "presidential table" as far as running a country is concerned. However, as I listened to McCain's speech during the Republican convention, it was clear to me that this man is determined to bring change to Washington and to America. He wants to return our country to the values it has lost sight of. How better to do this than by choosing a running mate who is yet unspoiled by politics. A running mate who still has a clear picture of what our country is suppose to stand for and one who can get in there with Mr McCain and fight for real change. Change in politics, change in Washington, change in America.

Go McCain and Palin!!! I stand with you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little help with that diet......

No matter how much I vow to eat right, get me on vacation and all thoughts of eating right and not gaining any weight go out the window. Well,I found a great site that has a variety of diet pills available. I've ordered a couple of different kinds.

As always, I will take them to my doctor and get her approval before I take anything. Along with that, I am a firm believer establishing some good eating habits and having a regular exercise routine. Some diet pills to help with those cravings, though, can really help us through those times when we've had all of our allowed calories and are still craving something. It can often be just what we need to get us over those rough patches.

Let me know what you think.

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