Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts on our upcoming remodel

Those who read my blogs know that my husband Gary and I are full time RV-ing for a while. At the end of summer we intend to go back home to Victoria, Tx and remodel a rental house we have and move into it. It's a cute house, very small, but all that we need.

I spend a lot of time planning what I want to do with the kitchen. It badly needs updating, so I'll be needing to decide on appliances, sinks etc. I've been looking at some copper kitchen sinks and am considering having something like that put in. We'll be doing most of the work ourselves so I will have to find someone close to us who sells these things.

I love country style so I think I'll try to make the house look even older than it is. I'm excited to get going on that, though certainly not at all ready to give up on adventure with full-time RV-ing. It's wonderful. A subject for another blog, however.

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